You Deserve a Healthy Relationship!

Are you wondering what a healthy relationship is and how to have one?
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A healthy relationship manifests itself with 7 ‘love’ principals.

Flirting Versus Hurting

Flirting is a great way to show your interest in a person, and helps you get to know each other in a respectful way! Throw on a little extra ‘swag’ and you can even become more confident when you’re flirting with someone.

Sometimes, flirting can be taken too far and become ‘hurting’. Sexual harassment is harmful and is defined as unwelcome and unwanted attention that is sexual in nature.

How can you tell the difference? If you, or someone you speak to is making sexual comments, jokes or insults this could be harassment. Any unwanted physical touching, pinching or kissing is harassment and can leave someone feeling vulnerable and anxious.

If flirting, ever turns to ‘hurting’ remember it is NOT your fault. Always trust your instincts, set solid boundaries, report it and do not give up!
Remember it is always okay to ask for help, from a trusted person (parents, teachers, coaches, school nurse, etc.)

Borders, Boundaries and Lines

Boundaries are necessary in all healthy relationships and are essential to help you determine the ‘openness’ you’re comfortable with sharing, for you and your partner.

Personal boundaries are your ‘red line’ for your body, physical places, emotions, financial information and digital spaces as well! You are allowed to choose what you share with your partner, and visa versa. Mutual respect and trust are significant components to maintaining boundaries in your relationship and its up to you to do what makes you feel comfortable. It is okay to redefine your limits, and always trust your gut and do what is right for you.

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